Feedback from our Host Organizations

On our program

“On behalf of the Richmond Community College Global Education Committee, I would like to thank the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the Carolina Speakers for givng us the ability to present outstanding speakers to our students, faculty, and community. As a small community college with limited resources, we would never have been able to afford speakers of this calibre on our own. Through your generosity our students were introduced to new ideas and viewpoints and a greater appreciation of the complex world around them. Several programs have been the springboard for further discussions and programs to clarify issues covered in the presentation.”
-Emily U. Hartzell, Dean of Learning Resources
Richmond Community College

“My personal thanks to you for giving me so much help in what otherwise would have been an almost impossible task.”
-Kiwanis Club of Sanford

“…you help spread goodwill from Chapel Hill and send the message to alumni that the University cares about them enough to allow and encourage outstanding faculty to give presentations around the state.”
– Mecklenburg Carolina Alumni Club

“The Carolina Speakers have been a godsend to our program committee and helped us reach a variety of supporters.”
-Friends of the Harnett County Library

“Three speakers to date and three home-runs!”
-Shared Learning

“Our program has been greatly enhanced by the excellent presentations. I look forward to … another first-rate line-up of speakers…”
-Peer Learning

“Without the generous support of the Carolina Speakers Bureau, our small county library system would be unable to offer a program and speaker of such high quality…”
-Onslow County Public Library

“We are grateful for the opportunity to offer our community the calibre & expertise of the speakers available through ‘Carolina Speakers’. Your service is very much appreciated.”
-Davie County Senior Center

“The Speakers Bureau is a great resource; we hope they and the Administration know how much they are valued.”
-Peer Learning

“Thanks again for such a great service.”
-Friends of the Transylvania County Library

“We are very grateful for the opportunity to hear such knowledgeable speakers. Thank you so much.”
-Fearrington Women’s Club

On our speakers

“Touched on every issue concerning senior women (women in general). Great personality–articulate–it was a great program. Feedback was uniformly enthusiastic.”
-Fearrington Women’s Club on Karen Erickson

“The speaker was precisely the sort we wanted. He was clear and interesting to all!”
-Central NC Mineral Club on Jonathan Lees

“A winner!”
-Chapel Hill Gold K Kiwanis Club on J. Myrick Howard

“Dr. Armitage was absolutely great!!! The audience enjoyed him immensely. His sense of humor was delightful; he truly captivated his audience.”
-UNCW Division for Public Service on Christopher Armitage

“We really enjoyed John and had our eyes opened by his enlightening presentation. Thank you!”
-Blue Ridge Community College on John Rogers

“Spell-binding storyteller who kept everyone captivated for almost an hour.”
-Newcomers of Greater Chapel Hill Men’s Club on Joseph Lowman

“…the speaker was ‘very informative, knew his subject well, and presented it with an enthusiasm that makes one want to go home and start writing immediately.'”
-Davidson County Writers’ Guild on Michael McFee

“You made a highly technical subject comprehensible to the lay public, no small achievement.”
-Peer Learning in a note to Scott Madry

“Jan is a simply delightful person and a pleasure to be around. Her insight into the issues surrounding athletics is dead on target. She did a fantastic job.”
-Student Assistance Program, Whiteville City Schools on Jan Boxill

“We had a wonderful audience who kept him talking for almost two hours. No one wanted to leave.”
-Friends of the Ashe County Public Library on Terry Zug

“You have very well represented our theme…and have helped make our 1999-2000 season a large success.”
-The English-Speaking Union on Rollie Tillman