About Us

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill speakers bureau, Carolina Speakers, is a precious resource of knowledge about contemporary and historical issues.

Carolina Speakers is a continuation of the University’s commitment and outreach to serve North Carolina and allows community colleges, high schools, civic clubs, chambers of commerce and business organizations, retirement communities, alumni clubs, libraries, museums and other groups the opportunity to access the reservoir of knowledge and expertise of our Tar Heels.

Our speakers, the talented and informed professors and alum of the University, are volunteers and we are thankful for their participation and support of the Carolina Speakers program. We do our best to arrange your first choice speaker but their services and time are in high demand. We will do our best to accommodate your event’s needs and arrange an alternate speaker with similar expertise from our pool of highly capable speakers if your first choice is unavailable. You and your organization can utilize this resource without cost. If you want to present a program on a topic not identified here, call or email Carolina Speakers. Among our 3,221 faculty, there is sure to be an expert on your topic.